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origin: China PATRONAGE: Great Britain DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE STANDARD: 26.03.2009 APPOINTMENT OF BREED: dog - a companion CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 9 Companion Dog and toy breeds Section 8 Japan Chin and Pekingese Without working trial

Pekingese - Dog leonine appearance with alert and intelligent expression. Small, well-balanced, moderately stocky with a great sense of dignity and superiority. Any manifestation of breathing problems under normal conditions are unacceptable and severely punished. Not overly dressed.
behavior and Character:
dog brave, loyal, with an independent character, not timid or aggressive

Fairly large, in its proportions wider than deep

Skull: Slightly bulky, wide and flat between ears, not domed, wide between the eyes. Stop: Pronounced.
Obligatory black pigmentation of the nose, lips and eye rims. Nose: Not too short, broad, nostrils large and open. Small (light) fold, preferably broken, may extend from the cheeks to the nose in the form of a wide inverted "V". It should never obscure the eyes and the nose leather and render them harmful. Pinched nostrils and heavy wrinkles are unacceptable and should be severely penalized.
Should be obvious, but may be relatively short and wide. Strong lower jaw.
even. Must not show teeth or tongue, do not hide well the chin
clear, round, dark and shiny, not too big. Free from obvious eye problems.
Heart-shaped, planted at the top of the skull, close to the head, the length is not calling for the bottom line of the muzzle. The ears long beautiful feathered.
The relatively short and thick.
Forearm slightly curved between the wrists and elbows, are adapted to hug the edge.
Front Paws:
: Large and flat, not round. May be slightly turned outwards. Excessive mark up should be severely punished.
strong and well-muscled, but moderately better than the front legs. Needless to close raised hindquarters must be severely punished. Moderate angulation. Absolutely healthy.
Hind feet:
Large and flat, not round, aim straight ahead
Gait / Movement:
Typically slow, dignified, front rolling. Typical movements should not be confused with the buildup caused by the weakness of the shoulders or other signs of illness. Any weakness of the shoulders and elbows, as well as any signs of ill-health of the feet and pasterns, should be severely punished. Excessive hair should not be a hindrance movements.
Moderately long, straight with a mane, not extending beyond shoulders, forming a collar around the neck. Outercoat coarse, with a thick, soft undercoat. Feathering on ears, back of the legs, tail and paws. Length and volume of coat should not interfere with the activity of the dog that did not have to hide the body contours. Excessive hair should be strictly punished. COLOUR: All colors and markings are permissible and are the same, except for the liver color and albinism. Party-colours-torn uniform color
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