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Chinese Empress Tsu Hui, cultivated breed, was the author of the first kind of poetic "standard" Pekingese, who were called "the pearl that fell from the lips of her Imperial Majesty."

colorful and yet accurately depicts the Beijing palace dog, its first standard description of the nature, and recommendations for the use and maintenance:

  • «Let the lion dog is small,
  • Let it with dignity is a luxury cowl neck,
  • Let it boasts gorgeous fluffy tail
  • who as the flag curled over the back.

  • muzzle it will be black, let it be breast hairy,
  • Let forehead he will have a wide and low brow as the imperial fighter
  • Let it be the color of a lion and golden sable,
  • Fur is decorated with yellow sleeves imperial mantle,
  • Let it be a bear or a red color mottled like a dragon, < li> To decorate all toilets imperial wardrobe.

  • let his appearance at the ceremonies and rituals of performance
  • determines its colors to create a single artistic ensemble
  • the vestments of the emperor.
  • Let him honor their ancestors and gives them gifts every novolunie
  • The dog cemetery in the Forbidden City.
  • Let him be accustomed to abstain, not falter later,
  • And finds peace with dignity duchess.

  • Let him learn to bite immediately alien devil.
  • Let it washes its face like a cat paw.
  • Let it be refined in the food, and that in its subtlety it becomes known,
  • as royal and imperial dog.
  • Let him her eyes are big and bright;
  • Let her ears are like sails war junks.
  • Let his nose will be like an Indian goddess monkeys.

  • Let his front legs are bent
  • So that he did not want to embark on a long journey
  • Or leave the imperial residence.
  • let her body has the shape
  • hunting lion who quietly sneaks into the prairie.

  • Let his legs it will be fluffy and silent steps,
  • Let it be decorated with tufts of fur as long feathers,
  • A long hair that flows from his back,
  • Let competes with Tibetan yak fur.
  • May his magnificent tail like a flag, which he proudly waving,
  • palanquin Emperor Protects against flying insects.

  • Let it be a happy and joyful welcomes jumps,
  • Let him be careful not to incur the risk.
  • Let it be friendly by nature,
  • and let him live in peace and harmony with other animals, fish and birds,
  • have found their refuge in the Imperial Palace.

  • Let it be food shark fins, liver, curlews and quail breast,
  • And let him drink tea, brewed in the spring buds of bushes,
  • That grow in the gardens of the province of Han-Con,
  • or milk antelope that grazes in the imperial park,
  • or broth from the nests of sea swallows.

  • Although it will be stored in a clean and respect,
  • During the illness that he may be lubricated with purified fat feet sacred leopard,
  • And let him drink in shell eggs song thrush,
  • which was filled with sweet juice of apples,
  • dissolve in it pinches pounded rhino horn.
And may he live long, but if it dies, then remember that you too are mortal.

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