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History of breed Pekingese Beijing palace dog

Origins Origin Pekingese - Lion Dog Beijing lost in the myths of antiquity. The Pekingese is a traditional heraldic animals whose attributes can be found in part in the dog, and partly in Leo, is the emblem of Buddhism. The first sculptures of lions date from 25-200 years. BC (Eastern Han Dynasty) and are associated with the introduction of Buddhism in China. It is not a gift of the Buddha called "a lion among men." Leo has a special place in Buddhism and is considered a talisman against the forces of evil and defender of truth. Images of Lion Imperial Dogs decorated imperial palaces and temples. Put together the image and the lion, and the lion-dogs originated in the period Hain (794-1185). And as the lions in China were not, the animal began to impersonate a dog resembling a lion - a Pekingese. They were religious symbols. Images of dogs installed in front of the temples to protect against evil spirits. At the entrance to each of the palaces and temples, sits a pair of stone or bronze lions, Pekingese for protection from evil spirits. A pair of lions at the entrance - a traditional Chinese attribute of authority and power, which has ancient roots. Should always be left to Leo, trampling right paw ball - symbol of the unity of the empire. Right - Lioness, which left paw holds the lion, symbolizing prosperity and continuity. For many centuries, the little dog with mesmerizing looks lived only in the Summer Imperial Palace (Summer Palace) and its gardens in Beijing. The right breed Pekingese was granted only to the Chinese emperor and his family. To others it was forbidden under pain of death. Each dog was put in a eunuch - who was in charge "of his head" for the health and appearance of the Pekingese. There is an engraving - with the image of the hall of the Imperial Palace, where in special boxes - the pillows - are Pekingese. Dogs with great interest watching ... execution of his officers, who had stolen a Pekingese. In 1860, when the Anglo-frantsuzskie troops have to fight the imperial summer palace, the emperor and his court fled. Empress ordered kill all dogs, Pekingese, so they do not fall into the hands of the Europeans. Miraculously survived only five dogs, hiding behind the curtain of the hall, which were brought to England and started the breeding of a Pekingese. All found dogs were of different colors. Two Pekinese presented to Queen Victoria. Since then, and believe - that the two Pekingese homeland China and Britain. On the origin of the imperial dog piled several legends. One of them says that the first Pekingese came from crosses of a lion and a monkey (hence its original appearance and courage). The other says that it - the fruit of love, the princess and the prince. Only by a strange logic to merge the Chinese legends of passion princess took the form of a lotus, and Prince proteins :) Besides, it was thought that Pekingese protect the house from evil spirits. Moreover, when the emperor died, he was buried with the Pekingese - a miniature dog owner should protect his otherworldly journeys.

The origin Pekingese piled a lot of legends.

One of them I give you.

Legend of Pekingese

    • Almighty LEO - king of beasts
    • was in love with the monkey - and about her
    • He dreamed
    • from dawn to dusk
    • 's return her love.


    • Help me holy monk -
    • All prayer is in your hands!
    • Pray for my love -
    • What worries and heart and blood!


    • And he turned to the gods of LEO -
    • All that is - give a Monkey!
    • At that moment came the terrible thunder -
    • Leo was small - like a dwarf.


    • Leo was strong, huge and bold -
    • He sacrificed everything he had
    • and fulfilled all of what he wanted -
    • brave, proud - but little was.


    • God put him into the palace -
    • and put it on the crown of the Monkey.
    • Imperial strict laws -
    • guard them - a good dragon.
    • dogs have big eyes -
    • As
    • under the stars heaven!
    • Pekingese love of magic -
    • His servants - monks, kings
    • For the love God has given him -
    • And so loved the world!
    • BUDDHA joy sent us from heaven -
    • This joy
    • named - Pekingese
    • Kuzmina AP

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